Customer Lifecycle Analytic Solutions by reFocus

With almost 319 million people, 28 million small businesses and approximately 18,500 businesses with 500 plus employees in the U.S. finding the right prospects in an ocean of people and businesses this large can be daunting.

Data Diagnostic

We help clients understand the sufficiency of their current data assets, the data assets necessary for success and the gap between where they are and where they need to be.

Prospect Segmentation

After helping clients identify the attributes of their best clients, we help them segment their prospect universe and identify which segments have the most potential to be great new clients. Once the prospect segmentation is completed we help clients determine what external data is available for target marketing and building the necessary response models.
The pressure on marketing and selling organizations to consistently deliver revenue, profit & customer growth will only intensify. We help clients prioritize web-based leads utilizing a proprietary combination of survey, analytic, real-time decisioning and lead routing technology.

Data Diagnostic

Similar to offline prospecting a thorough understanding of our client's current data assets, the data assets required for success and determination of the gap between where they are and where they need to be is often the starting point.

Lead Scoring & Routing

We have built and implemented a proprietary solution for prioritizing leads that utilizes survey, analytic, real-time decisioning and lead routing technology. It can be easily integrated with any touch point or channel including online, call center, retail, self-service kiosk or IVR.
Once you're existing customer base reaches a critical mass it is imperative to focus your cross-selling and retention efforts on your most viable and profitable clients.

Data Diagnostic

Effective customer management requires that you have the data necessary to determine why certain customers are more profitable and satisfied than others. A Data Diagnostic focused on customer portfolio optimization will deliver just that.

Customer Segmentation

It is impossible to optimize an existing customer portfolio without understanding which customers are profitable and satisfied and which aren't and most importantly why. We will help you identify these customer segments and their differences and this will be the foundation from which to develop appropriate cross-sell and up-sell strategies.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Scoring

With your customer segmentation in place and you've identified and acquired the necessary mix of internal and external data, reFocus will move quickly to develop cross-sell and up-sell models to help you develop and prioritize appropriate customer management programs.

Retention Scoring

We will help you develop and deploy an ever evolving mix of trigger based and model driven strategies focused on retaining your best customers as efficiently as possible.